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Monday, May 21, 2018

Floral designs pencil sketches for embroidery,hand embroidery saree sketch,.

Embroidery saree pattern pencil drawing.
How to sketch embroidery florals pattern on tracing paper.

Embroidery saree k liye yeh sketch kafi khubsurat aur unique hain.
 Ise aap machine embroidery work mein settings karsakte hain,

Sketch for machine embroidery saree designs. Embroidery designs pencil sketches on paper.

Multi colors combination karke yeh design resham main settings karsakte hain, flowers mein stone used kare.

Draw flower designs, embroidery saree designs pencil drawing.how to sketch of flowers designs for saree,

Yeh ek simple floral designs pattern hain.ise low price main aari work kare.
Saree k left side main 5 mitter main yeh design continue kare,saree k body main small butta designs setting kare.


Embroidery designs motife pencil sketch. Draw leaf designs for embroidery florals pattern.

Hello friends yeh sketch maine ek unique idea se banaya hain,ise aap saree mein placement karke settings karsakte hain.
Ek corner se lekar duare corner tak continue kare. Yea phir all over mein v used karsakte hain.
Isko aap hand embroidery aari mein multi colors dhaga (thread) se settings karsakte hain.har ek leaf k under ek big stone jorur used kare.

Embroidery flowers drawing and sketches for fashion designer saree.

Embroidery saree k helf yaneki left side main niche (down) se lekar upar 24 inch tak ye design continue (5 mitter) tak settings karsakte hain.

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