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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Flower drawing for embroidery designs, pencil sketches floral designs

Embroidery flowers drawing for embroidery designs saree,floral designs pencil sketches teachnig for saree pattern,

Saree k upar yeh design aari work kare aur hand embroidery v used karsakte hain.

Saree main designs placement kare.
For example ,,,saree k solder side main 45 inch main yeh designs  kare aur corner main v kare aur baki saree main small butta kare.

Floral designs pencil sketches for embroidery saree designs.
Embroidery flowers drawing.

Yeh ek abstract flower drawing for embroidery saree and salwar kameez.
Isko aap saree aur salwar kameez main used karsakte hain.
Aap jaise iska placement karenge ustaraha yeh sundar dekhega,

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Sketch of embroidery flowers pencil drawing.hand embroidery designs pencil sketches.draw floral designs pattern for embroidery.

Embroidery saree k upar yeh design ko patli main settings kare.matlab saree ka left side main 90 inch k bad 60 inch k andar yeh designs kare,jaise saree lehenga hota hain ustaraha dekhega.
Aur saree k right side main 90 ich tak yeh design kare.
Aur baki saree k body main small butta designs setting kare.
Main recommend karunga k is designe ko aap hand work main resham main settings kare.

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