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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kurti designs pencil sketches. Embroidery salwar kameez pattern for ladies

Embroidery salwar kameez pencil sketches on tracing paper for ladies.

Yeh design full length ladies kameez hain.
Iska daman mein paisley pattern sketch kiya hain aur body main floral designs hain. Body main jo floral designs hain usme resham work jada hoga.

Sketch for embroidery dress, embroidery daman style salwar kameez pattern on pencil sketches.

Yeh sketch daman style salwar kameez pattern hain iska daman main jada embroidery work hain.
Neck mein jo work hain wo 30% hain aur daman mein 70% hain. All over body main small butta designs hoga. Buti ka size 2 inch k andar hoga.

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Fashion designer sketch a leadis suits.
How to sketch of embroidery salwar kameez designs.

Yeh sketch baki aur sketches se unique hain. Isko aap contrast mein kare.
Dress main jo 4th side jall designs sketch kiya hain usko ek colors mein settings karsakte hain aur sketch k center main jo designs hain usmain dusra colors combination karsakte hain. Aur daman main jo small boder designs hain usko aap hevey zardosi work main settings karsakte.

Abstract pattern pencil sketch of embroidery salwar kameez designs.

Abstract pattern mein yeh design sketch kiya hin, isme flowers ka work jada used hain, chest and daman style main jo designs hain usko aap patch work karsakte hain.
Patch work k baad hand embroidery work karsakte hain. Baki body main chota butta kare.

Fashion illustration suits design pencil sketch on tracing paper.
Embroidery ledais kameez designs sketch.

Yeh sketch ek wedding kameez pattern hain. Isme jo 3 placement main net designs sketch kiya hua hain usmain aap clothes k saat combination karke colors net used karsakte hain, body main jo jall designs sketch kiya hua hain usko aari karne k bad zardosi work settings karsakte hain.

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