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Monday, October 15, 2018

Embroidery butta designs pencil sketch/flowers designs pencil sketch on tracing paper

Lehenga style butta designs pencil sketch and colors combination for machine embroidery and hand embroidery designs.
Flower butta khaka drawing for embroidery kali lehenga Design.

Embroidery paisley pattern pencil drawing on paper. Pencil sketch embroidery paisley motifs for embroidery saree designs. Embroidery khaka designs pencil drawing on tracing paper.

Flower design drawing and sketch on paper for resham work beautiful designs.
Abstract flower drawing for embroidery saree designs.saree all over butta designs.

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Kali lehenga Design long butta khaka drawing for embroidery work and machine embroidery work.drawing with pencil on tracing paper.

Simple punjabi and sherwani motif pencil sketches. Gents sherwani flowers butta motif drawing and sketch.

Abstract Multi paisley pattern pencil drawing on tracing paper for embroidery saree designs.butta butta paisley khaka drawing on paper.embroidery designs pencil sketch on tracing paper.

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